About Partners

A shared understanding of the importance of interoperability among the tri-services is at the heart of the REL. With a guiding tenet of common core values, representatives of each group have collaborated in the development of this unique tool. REL Technical Committee members came from the seven national associations representing: police, fire and emergency medical services bringing deep subject matter expertise to content creation as well as bringing alignment of best practice to the enterprise.

DRDC's Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC), a component of the Centre for Security Science, acted as the lead federal partner. Through the CPRC, a project Charter was built and supported to secure contractual approval. Their leadership role oversaw project management, required reporting to CRTI, the representation of the project in all relevant forum and the promulgation of the completed REL. A second federal partner, Defence R&D Canada (Suffield), provided CBRNE science expertise.

The Canadian Standards Association, now the CSA Group, through their collaboration with the REL project, provided invaluable advice and assistance so that the REL remains consistent with relevant Canadian and International standards.

Patriot CT Services, the contracted industrial partner for the REL, served as the project facilitator. Patriot skillfully piloted the project through concept integration, negotiation with US contributors, building partner consensus, document production and circulation while providing administrative and logistical support.

Grounded in shared, core beliefs that are consistent with those of the REL, all partners recognize the value of complementary capabilities and an “all hazards” approach yet live with the imperative of prioritizing limited resources. They understand that if allocation is based upon threat, vulnerability and risk assessments; monies can be spent more efficiently to better affect. Multi-agency cooperation and coordination, so critical to success, has characterized the REL effort.​​​