Canadian Police Association

100 – 141 Catherine Street
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1C
Telephone: (613) 231-4168
Fax: (613) 231-3254

The Canadian Police Association (CPA) is the national voice for 41,000 police personnel from across Canada. Membership includes police personnel serving in 160 police services across Canada, from Canada's smallest towns and villages as well as those working in our largest municipal and provincial police services, and members of the RCMP, railway police, and first nations’ police personnel.

The role of the Canadian Police Association is to:

  • promote the interests of police personnel and the public they serve, in the national legislative and policy fields
  • provide a collective support network for Member Associations to successfully improve representation and conditions for their own members in collective bargaining, education and training, equipment, health and safety, and protecting members’ rights
  • advocate for adequate and equitable resources for policing
  • identify key national issues which impact on Member Associations and facilitate the resolution of these issues
  • react and respond, upon request, to local policing issues that may have national ramifications, and
  • liaise with the international policing community on issues affecting Canadian police personnel.

As the national voice for front-line police personnel across Canada, we bring a unique perspective on policing and public safety. By raising awareness on law enforcement and justice issues, the CPA promotes community safety.

The CPA supports the work done by the Canadian Police Research Center and welcomes the advancement of a Recommended Equipment List to standardize tactics and equipment for emergency responders across Canada.

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