Defence Research and Development Canada

Defence R&D Canada – Suffield (DRDC Suffield) is one of Canada’s key defence science and technology assets and has long been active in the development of
effective defensive countermeasures against the threat of chemical and biological
weapons. DRDC Suffield has important programs in military engineering, casualty management, and autonomous intelligent systems. The Centre also enables Canada’s ability to respond to domestic and international chemical, biological and radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) incidents through specialization in live agent training for the Canadian Forces, international forces, and the First Responder Community, as well as Test & Evaluation for chemical and biological defence equipment.

The contributions of DRDC Suffield within the REL Project have been on an advisory and technical level. Due to its involvement with First Responder training and its expertise in CBRNE defence, DRDC Suffield has been able to provide a unique perspective for the REL Project. In addition, the outcomes of this project could be incorporated into existing DRDC Suffield training packages and form the rationale for new activities to fill existing capability gaps.

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