The International Association of Fire Fighters

​International Association of Fire Fighters
Canadian Office
350 Sparkes Street, Suite 403
Ottawa, Ontario, K1R7S8
Ph: 613-567-8988
Fax: 613-567-8986

The International Association of Fire Fighters is the official voice of Canada’s professional fire fighters. It represents 22,000 professional fire fighters across 8 provinces and 2 territories. Our members are the men and women who are first on scene in virtually any kind of emergency in Canada’s cities, whether it’s a structure fire requiring suppression or rescue, a medical call such as a heart attack, a hazardous material incident, a highway accident requiring extrication or any other kind of emergency.

IAFF members risk their lives and their safety on a daily basis in order to protect the lives and property of their fellow citizens. Professional fire fighters protect 85 per cent of Canada’s population and infrastructure and are the nation’s first line of defence.

The IAFF delivers services to its 22,000 Canadian members through the IAFF Canadian Office in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Member services include research and strategic advice and assistance in such areas as health and safety, collective bargaining, labour relations, governmental affairs and media and public relations. The Canadian Office is fully integrated with the vast resources available through IAFF Headquarters in Washington, D.C. With a North American membership of 300,000, the IAFF is the leading voice when it comes to fire fighter and public safety in Canada and the United States.

The IAFF Canadian Legislative Program, which has become known as one of the most respected grassroots lobbies on Parliament Hill, has delivered important advances to Canada’s professional fire fighters including pension reform, Criminal Code Amendments and federal government funding to conduct the IAFF’s Hazardous Materials Response Training Program in Canada. To date, this program has successfully trained more than 1230 fire fighters, police, paramedics and other first responders to a recognized level of Haz-Mat and CBRNE response in more than 110 communities across Canada. The IAFF has recently launched the IAFF Canadian Political Training Academy, for professional fire fighters who aspire to run for elected office or fill senior roles in election campaigns.

The IAFF has been pleased to participate in the REL project and supports the advancement of a Canadian CBRNE Recommended Equipment List (REL) to standardize tactics and equipment for Emergency Responders across Canada.

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