I'm interested in a particular piece equipment. Can I go directly to the list?

Click on Recommended Equipment List Project and then go to the drop down menu item labelled Interactive Equipment List and ​navigate via the hyperlinks. You are strongly encouraged​ to take a few minutes to read through the supporting methodology.

I am a Canadian First Responder; do I follow American references for approval?

No, as a Canadian user, refer to the How to Use tab on the PSPRC website or alternately, have a look at Part 3: How to Use the Recommended Equipment List in the PDF paper-based documentation to find the appropriate cross-references.

Why is the Interactive Equipment List not translated into French?

All related REL materials that have been developed by the Canadian REL Technical Committee that are intended to help you optimize your use of the List have been translated into French. The Interactive List itself comes directly from the US InterAgency​ Board (IAB). It is built from and aligned with a US IAB-based living document, entitled the Standard Equipment List (SEL), which is subject to regular updating and is available only in its source language.

How do I know what Canadian standards apply to the equipment I am looking for?

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) has cross referenced the American standards used in the List with the appropriate Canadian standards if they exist. Where Canadian standards do not exist, the American standards often apply in Canada.

That information appears in a chart, entitled; Comparison Map: Canadian/US Related Standards which you can find under tab Related Standards on the PSPRC website and in Part 3 How to Use the Recommended Equipment List in the PDF paper-based documentation.

Does the REL provide available information on specific brands and models of equipment?

No, the REL does not. It is up to the user organization to make a choice. REL is limited in Scope to providing content about equipment: REL is a resource to guide procurement. It is limited to describing general equipment types and what the equipment should do but does not recommend specific brands, makes or models. For further clarification on the intent of the REL, you are encouraged to read the full Scope Statement found in Section 1.2.1 of the PDF Paper Document and under the Scope tab on the PSPRC website.

I expected to find information on each of the pieces of equipment much like a consumer report focused on the needs of first responders.

The REL is not a consumer report nor was it intended to be. It is meant to be a resource guide that outlines general equipment types used in CBRNE response and identifies what that equipment can do. It is up to the user to make brand and model choices.

The newly opened Emergency Responder Test and Evaluation Establishment (ERTEE), a component of the Centre for Security Science, is emerging as an organization which could provide further support to the Canadian First Responder community. Additionally, the US Authorized Equipment List (AEL), which is correlated with the REL, contains some such information. Specifically, catalogue item code numbers on the AEL are aligned with the code numbers on both the REL and SEL. The AEL can be accessed through the Responder Knowledge Base (RKB). URLs can be found under Related Links.

I am interested in Capability Based Planning (CBP) and in specific CBP concepts such as Targeted Capability Lists and Resource Types. Where can I find that I find that information?

Basic explanations and references to CBP and related concepts can be found throughout the Risk Assessment discourse found in Part 2 of the REL paper-based documentation and under the Risk Assessment tab on the PSPRC website. The URL of the CBP site can be found under Related Links.

The REL does not give me a specific recommendation about which piece of equipment I should buy? Why not?

The REL is limited by Scope to the provision of resource information on equipment by general title and functional descriptors. User organizations are encouraged to dialogue with each other to seek more specific recommendations. More detailed information is also available through the US AEL. URL information can be found under Related Links.

I work in Emergency Management and cannot find any references to equipment types that I need? Why not?

The REL is specific to CBRNE equipment and does not include all-hazards related equipment.